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Shenzhen Ruifeng Antai Industrial Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen AI Suo Pu er Limited (Sino foreign joint venture)

Huizhou Antai Industrial Co., Ltd.

Xinjiang Zhen Zhou Hong Shun Antai gypsum Co., Ltd.

Hunan Changde Antai gypsum Co., Ltd. (Hunan Kaida)

The company's business scope: gypsum mining sales, gypsum powder processing, casting powder production, model wax, special wax production, dental materials production, quartz sand, powder production, ceramics, jewelry, glaze, dental, casting and other equipment manufacturing.

Products for the industry: gypsum powder deep processing, construction and GRG, ceramics, lighting, paint, food, silica gel, artificial marble, electronic sealing adhesive, jewelry, dental, glaze, tires, shoe molds, handicrafts, clocks and watches, glasses, aviation and military precision casting.

Product inspection means: The company has a complete system of analytical testing, scientific research and testing equipment, instruments and systems. Products are subject to strict testing characteristics before they leave the factory: the company can provide users with complete product use technical information and on-site technical guidance, to provide customers with a complete production optimization program.



Contact: yibofu

Phone: 18575526612

Tel: 400-8050-198


Add: Shenzhen The City Banan The Area Songgang The Town Dongfeng Village Dongfeng Industrial Zone 6

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